One Year Later

Two weeks ago marked one year living in South Africa. The time has felt both extremely quick and also as though it has been an eternity. I have said this numerous times, but I have already learned so much this year (as much as I have learned while I was in college or more!). One … Continue reading One Year Later


Unfortunately, I’ve been extremely absent from this blog (and the irony is that in my last post I promised to write soon). For a long time I would tell myself, “But nothing new is happening! What will I tell people?” Although nothing felt new, exciting things are always happening, and change is always happening. Maybe … Continue reading Joy


In my years at Westmont, I was active in a ministry on the Westside of Santa Barbara aptly named “Westside Ministries”. One of my partners in ministry has currently gone on to be a co-leader of Westmont’s student organization Racial Equality and Justice, and this morning I read a bit of her reflections (you can … Continue reading Apologies